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This Centuries-Old Musical Instrument Sounds Exactly Like Super Mario.

"Listen to this young girl playing her sheng, a Chinese instrument invented thousands of years ago. The woodwind may be ancient, but the sound is pure 1980s nostalgia—it’s the Super Mario Brothers theme, right down to the sounds of Mario collecting coins and mushrooms. Amazing!

Music was a big part of the old school Nintendo experience, and it’s eerie how the notes coming out of an instrument you probably never heard of sound so shockingly familiar. This young musician has certainly put in a ton of practice—clearly, all those hours playing Super Mario have paid off.”



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Whoa, Guys.

Fakebit is amazing.

MAXO ftw.

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A whole secondary level of understanding shit.  PUMP THIS

Your jam for the day!

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some songs are just too pretty to ruin with replays

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something to put on while you browse today

aka I just lightly played around with this progression and recorded it and stuck it on here, I don’t even care

might be something more later

is this a sign that jit might be making more music now, perhaps it is

I’m a fan

I like this. A lot.

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Just listen to this beautiful thing.

I own a Mandolin and have done nothing with it. This is a shame.

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Well that was terribly fun.

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